Welcome to BullionBay.com

Welcome to BullionBay.com.

We would like to welcome all our previous players to BullionBay.com. We will be the premiere "lowest unique bid model" auction website, set to launch March 2016.

Lowest unique bid auction strategy game works this way; An auction is put up, let's say for a 1oz gold American Eagle round, value of $1,300USD. Players purchase bids in multiples of 25, and place each bid on the auction. The goal of each player is to choose a bid amount that will be the lowest unique bid once the auction is filled/closed. It's an exciting strategic game that has been around for at least 5 years.

Here is an example: 3 players bid (.01), 2 players bid (.02), 7 players bid (.03), 1 player bid (.04), 2 players bid (.05) - the winner in this example would be the player that bid .04, since it was the lowest unique bid.

Every auction will have a definite winner, or multiple winners. We already discussed above how a winner is determined. If there is no unique lowest bid, the site will pick the next lowest bid with the least number of bidders.
So it is possible that 2 or even 3 players are winners of an auction - in this case, all 2-3 would share the winnings.

As the winner(s), you have the option to get the coin(s) shipped, or sell back to us for immediate cash. We still allow and encourage you to combine your winnings to save on shipping. We can ship 6 coins for $17.00USD, with tracking number and insurance. Delivery is within 5 business days, and we ship out every Friday. Simply check-out when you are ready. BullionBay.com is open to players from the following countries: US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, and France.

Questions? Please email us at info@bullionbay.com. Launch is set for March 15, 2016.